I can\'t find the button on the ibm thinkpad 2681 to inable the wireless interne

I am needing information on how to turn on the wireless on my thinkpad model 2681. I have had a tech look at this and it is currently not on. I can't seem to find a button or anything..help.
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  1. There may not be a button. It may be more of a setting. From what i read on that laptop the wireless is automatic, which would mean no button would be needed. But there would be some sort of application on the Thinkpad where you could look up and find available wireless signals, choose one, and connect to it.

    On my HP it is controlled by Windows and looks something like this

    Mine is green and in the task bar. If you do not see one you may want to check where you view your available networks (may be in control panel or under start menu depending on which Windows you are running)
  2. thinkpad r40 2681? No wifi for that model.
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