Need GPU Advice!

Hello again friends! I purchased my Seasonic 520W psu and it works flawless. But the bad part? MY GPU fried from my old PSU/MOBO.

I have the following:
BioSTAR A880G+ With onboard ATI graphics
AMD Phenom II X4 965BE
Seasonic S12II 520W Bronze 80+ PSU

Is there any decent GPU I can run with this setup? Most I can spend is $160 USD.

Any and all help will be considered~!
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  1. Your psu is an excellent one. You can run any graphics card you can buy with a $160 budget.
    That might be something like a 6850 or GTX560.

    i was considering this. but no idea if my psu would handle it.
  3. AMD recommends 500W to cover some certain stuff like OCIng, low end PSUs,.....

    Total power consumption for a high end system with HD 6870 doesn't exceed 314W

    Actually that quality branded PSU can run HD 7970 and there will be a room also for OCing the CPU & GPU.
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