System for Dad's office computer?

Im trying to get the cheapest computer I can while having it be able to do everything and HD video playback, just in case he needs to. I have a case and a PSU from my first build. Im especially having trouble with picking the mobo/cpu because I dont know which integrated GFX cards can do HD playback.
Help me out please? ;)
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  1. At Microcenter, they have a bundle for Phenom II x4, with free Gigabyte mobo. The integrated video is pretty bad, but you can get a $20 GPU that mitigates the issue. Alternatively, an i3+mobo for $160-$170, has pretty good integrated graphics, and should play HD video without too much of an issue. Really depends.
  2. Ahh. However, I think he only needs a dual, cuz quad is a little much. But on the topic of a lower end gpu, what would you suggest? I may just find a dual ~2.5 amd and pair it with a mobo and get a dedicated, albeit lower end, gfx card.
    And it has to fit on micro ATX, those are the cheapest.
    Hes paying me 5 bucks for every 30 I save him vs the cheapest prebuilt he finds ;)
  3. Hell if he has no need for 5.1 via HDMI older 780G boards from 2008 could do HD videos and u can fish these on used hardware sites for dirt cheap lol
  4. Could you link me to some decent ones?
    Thank you.
  5. An APU might be what he wants! GPU+CPU all in one. I think it would be more cost-effective. APU+mobo=$100.
  6. The first option in my opinion is the most cost effective.
    This could play HD videos on youtube and a few HD movies fine?
    Im giving him my case for my fx 4100 and 5770, so itll be cooled just fine.
  7. it hard going to try and save your dad money if he looking at a dell or hp. for low end price you cant beat them. the problem with low end is that they have under sized power supply and cheap parts and a lot of bloat ware on the factory image. also a lot of time if is a work pc for your office you may be able to right it off on your taxes.
    if he going to use it mostly for word and bookeeping g620 from microcenter is 50.00
    if he needs more ram then there one slot left for another dimm.
    the intel cpu does have a video built in..but a gpu is still better.
    10.00 after rebate.
    i would have your dad pick up if he does not have and ext hard drive and use ghost or a drive clone software and make a drive image of his pc after you install all of his has windows tools that lets you install the aps before you have to put an oem number in. (ie your own drive image and boot screen) then your dad can register the work pc in his comany name.
  8. The computer will be strictly used as a business tool and will be physically located in his glasses store.
    And I have a 400 w PSU that I used to use Im giving him, so thats not a problem.
    You gave me two gfx cards, one much better than the other. Could the Zotac play action movies in 1080p or 720p?
    And would I even need the 10 $ gfx card since its an APU? Or would it just make it smoother?
  9. this is my built so far, feel free to critique.

    PSU: 400 w (i own)

    case: mid (i own) (micro atx support)

    hdd: (toshiba 500gb 7200 rpm) (there were cheaper ones but for 5 bucks more I figured I could get a name brand)

    mobo: (asrock micro atx)

    cpu/gpu (apu): (amd a4 3400 llano 2.7 dual)

    ram: (crucial ballistix sport 2x2gb) and some may say that he doesnt need 4 gb for a office computer, but he constantly has 5 to 10 apps open and I dont want it lagging. and 2 gb may be too little and 3 isnt possible unless you get a non-dual channel mobo which i cant find.

    dvd burner: samsung 22x dvd burner

    tell me if I can do better/if i forgot anything
  10. Nice. Can't really improve much on that build.
  11. Awesome.
    Thanks for the help everyone!
  12. Maybe an upgrade to an A6? Since the A6 is triple core, and he has 10 apps open...or better yet, an A8?
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