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Hello guys, here's my quick question,Today I decided to clean my CPU heatsink and replace the thermal paste, the average temp were 31-33 Celcius.... Well...After I cleaned everything and put it on again, I turned on my system and then I see my temps increased to 40, I dont know what happened so I figured out that I put the heatsink wrong or something, so I re replace the thermal paste and put it back again but nothing happened....a curious fact is that before I cleaned it temps on load(playing bf3) were like 55 celcius, now after the cleaning they do go further than 50...but idle temp stay in 40 it normal????Thanks for reading!!! ohh almost I forgot it, its a 2500k overclocked to 4.0ghz
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  1. Some pastes get better the longer they're on the cpu; its called curing.
    All pastes have a shelf life; they get weaker just sitting in your drawer.

    either of these is a possibility depending on the paste you use.
  2. You mean my AS5 thermal paste lose its power???? Cause it could be, I think it has been there for 7-8 months.... :/ Maybe I need to buy a new one and try cause is weird...
  3. Were you using the same AS5 thermal paste when the temps were 31-33 ? or you had the stock thermal paste ?
  4. Yeah...when I built it for the first time I used the AS5..., Now, thinking in the moment when I re applied the thermal paste,I saw like water in the compound, the first drop was like water, so I cleaned it and try again, then the normal compound come out, but it makes me think the AS5 lifetime expired...dunno...
  5. Another thing I have noticed, is that those are the temps CoreTemp and REALTEMP shows me, but in the Asus Suite II app, the cpu temp is on 30-29, and MoBo same... so I dont know wich program to trust...
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    To be honest your current temps are not bad at all but I will suggest you purchase fresh AS5 and then re apply.

    I have seen watery AS5 before and never used it again. Maybe that's the reason its not holding same temps as before.

    With regards to the Temp software, we all have these issues and I think you need to find a balance between the Asus Suite, CoreTemp and RealTemp. For example my BIOS temp is 10 Celsius more than what AIDA64 tells me.

    You just have to keep trying other software or live with it.
  7. RealTemp and Core Temp report the peak core temperature of your CPU. The Asus AI Suite reads a different sensor, far removed from the hottest spot on the core so when your CPU is loaded, AI Suite will report significantly less. That's garbage. If you want to know how hot your CPU cores are really getting, use either of the first 2 programs.

    Your temperatures are fine. Stop wasting your time and money. Your original temps while playing BF3 were fine so you should have just left your computer as is. As long as your computer is stable and it is not overheating, there is no need to worry about the core temperature.

    RealTemp T|I Edition
  8. Well...after some inspection of my setup ,I figured out that was something wrong in the BIOS with the overclock, cause I changed it to AUTO and my temps were down again, maybe I changed something ... So AS5 it's fine after 6-8 months :) thanks for your answers guys
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  10. Glad to hear things are back to normal, thanks for posting back and enjoy your PC
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