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[Help] i7-3720qm

Hey guys, i'm here because i have a question about my cpu's core speed max capacity.

As you can see from my 3dmark11 benchmark,

my cpu is not running at 3594-3595 mhz but is actually running at 3394-3395 mhz.

Did i get a faulty processor or is there a different reason for this?

I've opened up my cpu-z and monitored my core speed and every now and then i would see it jump to 3495 and then to 3595 but never stays there.

Some other results @ 3dmark11 show users with the same processor & laptop model benching @ 3595
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    3DMark just takes a snapshot of the speed at random, so it's liable to show anything.

    Seriously, you haven't seen other people's 3DMark scores with their CPU's basically at idle? Happens more times than not. If their CPU's show max speed, they were probably using the High Performance power plan instead of Balanced (or whatever it might be set to, otherwise).

    You're fine. No worries.

    Edit: Never mind the fact that your score was one of the best in its class...
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