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so I'm sitting down for my first HTPC build. have build a number of gaming rigs before, but never and HTPC so not quiet sure on some part choices (no gtx 670 with an i5 2500k haha). anyways:

Open to other suggestions. I think the case will be a long term investment so cost isn't an issue. I prefer for it to be slick looking (next to the nice big TV), and to be of solid build quality.

I won't be gaming much on this machine. figured the quadcore would make video converting etc faster (I might occasionally do it)

CPU Cooler:
looking for silent cooler here

Honestly not sure, I'm used to using Asus boards and figured I only needed a microATX. if there's a best boward for F1 socket, I'm open to recommendations

hybrid fire goodness? :D

Yup, another fanless component...

let me know what you guys think. I'm not too concerned about cost, but as you can tell I'm looking for something ultra silent, and hopefully will last me a couple of years watching blu-ray and HD movies etc etc
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    Well are u planning multiple tuner/s by any chance? Also i would really cut down to the 65W A6 3500 (possibly under volt it further :P) and upgrade to a A75 mobo with USB/SATA 3.0?

    Also a suggestion to control HTPC from sofa
  2. ooo, very interesting gadget :)

    as for your question, no, I plan on getting only a single tuner... currently in the process of switching providers, so I can't decided on which yet. hell if they all piss me off I may just get a some streaming subs and say "to hell with cable!" lol.

    oh yes, good catch on the mobo :) additionally, what's the major difference between the A6 3500 and the 3850? also, would it really be that loud even at stock? like I said I typically run wind-mill gaming rigs so my usual definition of quiet's a bit different haha
  3. Well the A6-3500 was tried and tested for 3D Blu Ray and as far as integrated graphics performance/watt/$$ wise it currently is the best but i suppose if you are cool with toning settings down for that rare game cutting down from an A8 wouldn't be so bad ^^
  4. hmm, well, I mainly went with the A8 for longevity... same reason why I didn't go for a i3 2120 (my top pick for that rare game :P). anyway, I was mainly thinking that I'd like to have a half decent quad core so that this machine will still be able to handle most day to day tasks for years to come.

    but you do make a good point, aside from the CPU, and mobo, all the other components are top quality and can be easily reused in say 3 years
  5. If you have cable I strongly suggest the silicondust triple HD network tuner or ceton quad HD tuner. Both use cable cards, can access premium channels/HD,work center and can share tuners with other PCs on the network.

    There are a number of those htpc keyboard/remotes, as well as free apps that.let you use an Android phone as a.touchpad/keyboard over wifi. Works great
  6. hmm, silicondust HD network tuner... interesting concept.

    anyway, if I go with the A6-3500 and a A75 mobo, it would function better than a similarly priced intel combination? just double checking :)
  7. As far as IGP/3D Blu ray yes - if u add light gaming with the IGP even more so atthat price point ^^
  8. cool! time to order and build my ultra silent HTPC :) thanks guys!
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  10. Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping :P
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