Crossfire 7970 Compatibility

I have a quick question. Do you think that this Sapphire OC'd 7970,, could fit in crossfire mode on the asus z77 sabertooth mobo in a haf x case? I'm not going to jump into this quite yet because of the $1000 price tag but would like to know for future reference. Thanks everyone :).
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  1. Yes, easily.
  2. Quote:
    I didn't know you could (SLi) HD Radeon.... :heink: :whistle: :p

    Yeah I was going to say something about that but he put crossfire in his post so I didn't bring it up. But the only reason I looked at the post was I saw "SLI 7970 Compatibility" and I was thinking, "oh lord what type of lost soul do we have here.."
  3. HAHA i just saw that and did a facepalm. I'm such a noob. :P. And i forgot to mention if they would fit in the two x8 slots and not one in x16 and one in x4.
  4. There we go. Fixed :)
  5. But if i use SB instead of IB i wont be able to take avantage of pcie 3.0, correct?
  6. Whether you have SB or IB you won't feel any difference, in real world performance there's no difference between PCIE 3.0 and PCIE 2.0; look at the chart below

    Difference between PCIE 3.0 and 2.0 is 0%
  7. Then what does it exist for?
  8. wow barely any difference between even 1.1 and 2
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    Both those cards will fit perfectly with a nice gap between them and perform perfectly well in 8x8 mode. I have the same Motherboard and absolutely love it.
  10. Ok thanks guys.
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    thanks for that post..

    Basic thing to make you remember me :lol:
  13. Ya thanks from me too lol. I'll rember that :)
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