No video signal with new card

ive posted this on a couple of forums for ideas but nothing has helped so far.

i just got a new video card and i cant get any video output. ive tried resetting my ram and video card several times, tried both pcie slots, resetting my cmos, both dvi inputs and a few other things im probably forgetting. nothing has worked and id really prefer not to send it back tomorrow since its thursday. i probably wont get a refund until next thursday or friday which means i wont get a new one in until the week after that.

the fans spin so i know its getting some power and it is booting into windows because i can hear the windows login screen sounds but theres absolutely no video, not even at the motherboard post screen. so its not a windows driver issue.

any ideas before i send it back?

i bought

and my psu/mobo
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  1. okay no did u connect pci connector to to your gpu it requires 2x 6pin connector check your psu it have two pci 6 pin connector and check all connection to mobo
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