Okay this kind of graphics question.

I have a PC with DVI-D (digital only) output. My monitor is VGA (analog only) I have DVI-I to VGA converters, but don't work. Probably because is not converting the Type of video signal just the actual interface. Is there a cable (preferably in expensive) that will convert my DVI-I (digital only) signal to a VGA (analog) signal?
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  1. u should use dvi to vga adapter to gpu not moniter connect that with vga cable
  2. What you need is an active converter that converts DVI digital to analog VGA. I would recommend checking KVMSwitchTech's DVI-D to VGA unit(Part # SCA-DVI-ANA) .
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    DVI-D is digital only as per the 'D'. DVI-I is integrated as per the 'I' If you look at the DVI-I connnector, it has 4 pins around the flat blade looking pin. Those 4 pins are the analog signal. DVI-D connector is missing those pins so a simple adapter will not work as the analog signal is missing. You need a signal converter as joesden has mentioned but I am pretty sure you can buy a nice 1920x1080 monitor for the price of a signal converter.
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