[Help]I need some help with upgrade a laptop's cpu

Hello there.
First of all, thanks you for visiting my thread. It is the first time I post something here, and English is not my native language, so if I made any mistake, please accept my humble apology :)
Currently I am using a Toshiba L735 laptop that mounted an i3-2330m. It does a decent cpu at first, but overtime I feel it quite underperforming to meet my expectation. My heaviest usage are playing The Sims 3, Guild Wars 2 and loading (small to medium) web project from Visual Studio. So its time for it to go!
Right now I'm aiming for an i5-2450m-2.5 to 3.1Ghz with TB, which is using Socket G2 and 35W TDP the same as 2330, and furthermore Toshiba has a L735 model powered by an i5 2410m, so I think it would be pretty much safe to go :D It is currently on sale for $140 on Ebay.
But then I saw i7-26xx series (2640 to be exact- that is 2.7 to 3.5Ghz and an addition 1MB of L3 cache) which use Socket G2 and 35W TDP too. But then, it has more cache so it might be a bit different for the laptop to recognize it (does it?). I dont know for sure xD. This one is available for about $190.
Please give me your opinions, what you think would be a better move? Will my laptop accept i5, and even the i7? And what would be a better bang for the bucks? It is a region specific model so well, upgrade bios is a no-go. :(
Thanks for reading :love:

P/s: I know with gaming GPU would be more important, but it just be impossible. I tried all the way to crank up my laptop like upgrade its inside to 8Gb of memory and SSDs, so CPU would be the last shot. Anyways, HD3000 on both the i5 and i7 has 200mhz higher freq than on the i3, so it suppose to be a bit better, right? xD
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