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Need help resetting a home network.

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July 15, 2011 3:14:29 PM

To begin sorry for the long post but you folks have helped me before and I wanted ya'll to have all the facts/info. I am about to give Direct TV and ATT DSL the boot and return to Cable. Tired of losing reception with every cloud and the DSL seems very slow much of the time. The only choice for cable I have is Cable One here on MS Gulf Coast. I am trying to figure out the best network setup for all my devices and I am a little familiar with networking so I have several questions I hope you fine folks could help with. First to let you know my devices needed to connect they are as follows:

1. Desktop I7-2600K, WIN 7 (more than ever needed) wired to modem, don’t use for any type gamming. I do use Play-On software to stream to my Direct TV box in Living Room for media. Linked to HP Laptop to share folders.

2. 2 year old HP Laptop running Vista 64 bit in living room linked to Desktop.

3. 9 year old Dell running XP now used only to download music but I want to move it to my work shop about 130’ from modem placement and use it for internet use and manual storage. I do need to upgrade the NIC card or USB network adapter.

4. 2 other desk tops running XP which are about 4 years old. One will be used for my 5 year old Grandson in his bedroom for small learning games and some online like Disney and such. The other computer will be in guest bedroom for internet access if needed on a very limited basis.

5. 2 Roku boxes: one is the original box they came out with in master bedroom & the other is the XDS in the living room.

6. Right now I have a 75’ Ethernet cable running from modem to the Direct TV DVR box so I can use Play-On software in living room but this box will be coming out when I switch over to cable. So I am looking for a DVR Recorder (any recommendations??) because Cable One’s DVR Box will only record 10 hours of HD programming and we DVR most of our favorite shows so we can watch when we have time.

Here are my actual questions:
1. Should I buy a modem/wireless router combo or a modem and separate router?? If so whaat is the best for my situation?? Cable One says these are the compatible modems for their 50 Mbps speed internet.
Manufacturer Model Certified DOCSIS 3
Arris Arris TM722G eMTA
Arris Touchstone® TM802 Telephony Modem
Arris Touchstone® TG852 Telephony Modem (Wireless??)
Arris Cable Modems Can Be Purchased Here! (DOCSIS 3 Coming Soon)
Motorola Motorola SURFboard SB6120
Motorola SURFboard SB6121
Motorola SURFboard SB6180
Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 (Wireless?)
Zoom Zoom 5341
From what I see only 2 of these incorporate a wireless router like my 2 Wire DSL modem/Router. Also I am only familiar with Motorola brand as I have used these in the past.

2. For the Workshop laptop should I bury an Ethernet cable all the way out there (a lot of hard rock ground) or is there a way to WIFI to it using antennas/boosters/access points/repeater or whatever? Right now as the system is set up I lose internet access about a ¼ of the way to the workshop.
Again sorry for the long post but I wanted to ensure I gave all specifics so you would know what I am looking for and good give me your best recommendations. Thanks

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July 17, 2011 7:26:06 AM

1) Motorola Motorola SURFboard SB6120 plus a separate wireless N-router.

2) what type of wireless network card is in the laptop? G or N wireless

how many walls are between the router and the laptop?