PSU burn out what now

so my corsair 850w psu failed yesterday and possibly fried my mobo. now i am looking to repair and slight upgrade of what i have (plz see specs below) i am after more opinions on going to a OCZ Technology ZX Series 1250W psu (from the dead corsair 850w) a straight replace of the gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 (1156 socket is needed for my i7 860) and upgrading my gpu from 2x sapphire hd 4870 in crossfire to 2x GTX670 in SLI. plz post any thoughts or reccomendations on these changes the rest of my system specs as follows

CPU: i7 860 (p55)
Ram: 4x 2gB DDR3 1333 corsair
gpu: 2x sapphire radeon hd 4870 1G in crossfire
PSU: Corasir 850w (DEAD)
mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 (possibly dead)
HDD: 1 TB (can't remember brand
and a bunch of other not so important things
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  1. How do you know the PSU is dead?

    Don't buy a new mobo until you know it's dead, obviously.

    You don't need a 1250W for 670 SLI.
  2. well the wire on the main power connect to the mobo has a wire burn. and with the power supply there was only $30 difference in the price of the 1000w and the 1250w still not worth it u think?
  3. oh yeh and as for the mobo- i'll obvisouly only get a replacement after i get the new power supply to see if it survived
  4. i would also talk to the ps vendor..they may pay for the mb replacement. most good power supply have saftys in them to keep them from melting wires on dead short. the power supply or the fuse inside should have turned off or poped.
  5. @ smorizo - thats a good point... even though its like 4 yrs old?

    the problem leading up was the pc didnt power up when i turned it on then after turning the psu off and on my rig was booting, mobo was posting, but no display.. after 2 hrs or more of tinkering for no apparent reason it worked. this happened the next day. only this time it didnt eventually just work. =\. i tried reseating gpu's, reseating ram, using only 1 stick of ram at a time, using only 1 gpu at a time, clearing/reseting the cmos. during this problem the CTF light on the gpu would sometimes come on. i believe it mean Critical Temp Fail. But my PC had been off for over 12 hrs. i cleaned out the whole rig making sure it was free of dust build up while i was in there. after much foul language i noticed the main power connector to the mobo had a fried wire.........
  6. 670 SLI will easily run on 650W
  7. i am planning on water cooling the system and OC after this hiccup is fixed.... wouldn't i'd be better off with a bigger power supply. forgive me i am relative new to OCing
  8. If you're adding a lot of accessories I guess you could go for 850W.
  9. are there any benifits to going to a bigger powersupply? i only ask as the price difference between the 850w modular, 1000w modular and the 1250w modular OCZ series isnt that big. would i benfit from the say either of the 2 bigger units long term?
  10. if it ws not the ps voltage that melted the wire was it near or on top of the video card with the temp issue??? if the fan failed on the video card it could have gotten real hot an any wire near it could have melted or been discolored. the other issue is if the gpu was cooking did it pull more power through the pci bus then it was rated for and caused the mb to melt that wire.
  11. Nope.
  12. the wire that melted was on the main power to the the mobo end. nothing is close enough to it its bizzare

    @FinneousPJ- thanks man
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