CPU can i reuse instead of cleaning paste?


I put thermal paste on a CPU, reseated the heatsink. Powered on PC. In Bios CPU temp at idle was 36C
After about 40mins in windows the PC shut down.
I switched PC on there was a spark under the heatsink. PC won't turn on.
I have a CPU from another PC, i want to take this CPU out and put it into a new motherboard which i just bought.

Is it ok if i leave the paste on and put the heatsink on it? I shouldn't have to clean the paste off and reapply with new paste.
It should be ok as paste melts when CPU gets hot. Paste goes hard when CPU is cold.

Thanks for any replies, good to get some advice.

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  1. Wouldn't reuse thermal paste... ever.

    But if i could be curious you just got a spark from you cpu like magic, or where you monitoring temps... That seems a bit crazy i would be careful not to kill this cpu as well.
  2. First of all, please be very careful with the amount of thermal paste you apply on the CPU. I'm guessing you applied too much which spilt over onto the Motherboard hence the spark from the around the heat sink.

    You should never use a heat sink or CPU with old thermal paste even if it was applied 20 minutes ago.
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