HP pavilion G6-2005ax is good or bad????

Iam looking for a gaming laptop, my budget is 35000 rupees IND. Ive narrowed down to one laptop i.e. HP Pavilion G6-2005ax which has the following specs:-
cpu: amd a8 4500m (7640g igc)
gpu: amd radeon hd 7670m 1gb
ram: 4gb

Now i would like to know if this laptop is built for gaming , if yes then can it handle modern games and is it worth buying ??

Ive also been told to go in for a Intel i5(3rd gen) with nvidia geforce gt630m, as this is better than the above AMD laptop, but the problem is that with that spec the laptop cost 45000 rs which i can afford(plus iam interested in and AMD laptop,never used one yet).

So my main question is how good is the AMD dual graphics(1.5gb) hd 7670m+ hd 7640g..when put up against an Nvidia geforce gt630m (1gb) ???????????????

Pls do help me iam about to buy the Amd with dual graphic and i want to know if iam choosing the right one...
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  1. Congrats bro. You have selected one of the best value for money laptops available.
    My friend has it and gaming is awesome on it due to the A8 and Dual Graphics. We played COD: Black Ops on it and it handled it very well.
    However, 2 things I think you should know:
    * the up & down arrow keys are basically made of 1 key cutting it half. So, they are small.
    * the heating problem - during gaming it can heat up to high temp if proper ventilation is not provided. So, I suggest you to get a laptop cooler with it.
    Everything else is excellent.
  2. Thanks so much dude. So i was on the right track,going for the amd laptop.
    And about the two issues well, they wont come in my way cause ill be using a seperate keyboard or gamepad to game(at no cost am i going to screw up the laptop keys,so better ill use the external).
    where as for the heating, i already brought a cooling pad.
    thanks anyway for ur reply, now there no stopping me from getting the lappy............
  3. I have a g6 2005ax too and I can tell you that its just awesome for the price point. Sure there are better models but they are priced significantly higher.
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