Computer crashes and wont even go to BIOS

My computer is

MSI 770 G45 Motherboard
600w power supply
8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM
AMD Phenom II x2 550 (not overclocked)
AMD Radeon 6870

If there's anything else you need to know ask

Ok so I'm browsing the web applying to jobs when all of a sudden my computer just has a spaz attack, screen goes blank and makes the sound it makes when it restarts, but then makes a click. I've known that click to mean "hey reset your CMOS yo" so I suddenly think. Ok for some odd reason I'll reset the CMOS battery discharge it for 15 mins everything should be fine.

So I first just check by resetting a few times, then I unplug everything and take out the battery for 15 mins, plug back in and turn on again.

I look at the motherboard, all four LEDs on the motherboard which are usually blue are still blue, my cooling fans still whir, my graphics card seems to be functioning as far as I know, the HDD as far as I'm concerned would only be a problem if i got a boot error after the startup procedure.

My main worry is my processor is gone. There wasn't any signs of that though, so I'm not sure what's going on.

I did at one point overclock my processor, but now I keep it as it is as I found my HDD was a huge bottleneck so the overcloking didn't need it, so I'm not too concerned that i've pushed my processor too far especially when overclocked it ran nicely at around 40 degrees when pushed.

If anyone else has encountered this sudden crash and not getting even a BIOS startup lease let me know if you have any advice, hell even saying get a new processor would be fine so long as I know how to fix it and fast.

If not I'll get a PC repair-person in to evaluate it on a no fix no fee basis. Hope this is in the right part of the forum
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  1. RAM or CPU pull all your RAM and test them one at a time to verify.
  2. Any signs to look out for with bad RAM? Because all RAM sticks get the same result - the same blank screen as before. Which i don't know is good or bad. CPU is a little hard for me to test without dishing out some money to buy a new CPU. TBH I wouldn't mind too much if it were CPU because I've been thinking of upgrading to an x4 and unlocking the cores
  3. New symptom!! I tried switching on again, and it turned itself off after around one second. That sounds like the PSU, but the PSU is pretty much brand new. I've been using a surge protector too, plus it's only happened once now....

    PS: It says I wasn't allowed to edit my previous post, so sorry for the double post !
  4. I don't think your CPU is the issue.

    Looks like you have been resetting your CMOS very often since you indicated you know that click. Any history of faults about the PC we should know about ?
  5. Nedal0 said:
    I don't think your CPU is the issue.

    Looks like you have been resetting your CMOS very often since you indicated you know that click. Any history of faults about the PC we should know about ?

    Not as such. The click recognition came from when I went through an overclocking phase, whenever I pushed it too far it wouldn't boot anything up, just like now. There would be a telltale click, which I have no idea to this day what it means, but when I reset the CMOS battery to get the BIOS screen so I could but in different clock values until my computer ran smoothly. I kept my system overclocked for about 2 weeks, then I noticed there wan't much of a difference in performance since my HDD was an incredibly slow one. So I switched back to the default settings.

    Everything has been fine for the last few months, then pop, my monitor goes blank and the PC restarts. Then I hear that tiny click sound, and this is where my problem started.

    No other faults apart from me overclocking for a couple of weeks, oh and my wireless suddenly dragged down in speed despite switching the router channel etc. But I think that's a separate problem, plus I'm switching to a good ol' Ethernet cable soon....
  6. Check and replace your CMOS battery if you haven't already ?
  7. Video card gone bad ? That sounds like hat happened on my computer . Try reseating the card
  8. I have a bad feeling that it might be the graphics card. It's a shame because it's only a few months old. Still at least I'd be able to get a warranty replacement maybe?
  9. Take out every component including your graphics card and leave a good stick of ram in. Though my psu went bad once only to find that the graphics card kept the whole comp from turning on bc it blew.
  10. I've taken everything out, I've unplugged my power supply to the motherboard I've waited an hour, I've plugged only my Radeon HD 6870 and 1x2GB stick of RAM back in, alongside the CMOS battery and the power supply.... NOTHING :( Unfortunately I don't have an on board VGA otherwise I'd use that to see if it is my graphics card. Either all sticks are crap, my GPU is crap or both. Shall I take everything apart again and leave it longer? O just take it to a repair shop?
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