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I recently bought this graphics card after being ensured by the salesman that it would work on PC.
But i brought it home and it did not seem to do anything when I plugged my monitor into it. I do have an integrated card which i disabled but still nothing happened. I have absolutely no idea what to do and any help would be greatly appreciated. My computer is this :
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    your system psu is 300 watts and the card ask 300 watts psu to work so there is no power for the other components card wont work return to the seller and ask refund
  2. I got a 600 watt psu and still nothing any suggestions?
  3. The GT 430 will work fine with a 300W PSU. That wasn't your problem. If your integrated card requires disabling in BIOS (and you did that), then I would say the card is bad or the PCIe slot on the board is bad. What connection are you using between monitor and card?
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