New Build Won't Boot/Electrical Short

Hey guys, first and foremost, yes I've read and DONE all the troubleshooting steps EXCEPT breadboarding which I don't have enough time to do being 2 AM and I have a test in a couple hours.


CPU - AMD FX6200 6-core
CPU Cooler - Cooler Master HYPER N520
RAM - 2x4 Kingston
GPU - GeForce GTX 570 2.5 gig
HD - 1 TB Western Digital
PSU - Antec 25 650W ATX12V V2.32
Wireless Card - Rosewill RNX-N250PCe

VERY FIRST START - The computer booted up, but my buddy told me to turn it off if I heard a burning sound which made me paranoid. What had happened was when I turned it on it made a sound something similar to letting the excess air out of a compressor (like for a car tire), just not as loud. I panicked, being paranoid, and shut it down via the power button on the case. The "letting out air" sound only would of lasted for about 2-3 seconds judging by the rate that it was losing volume at. Ok, apparently it was just the fans starting up, or so we think. So I go to turn it back on and the fans fidget, as if the electrical pulse gets cut off midway. The fans spun not even a 1/4 of a full rotation. So I retry again but this time nothing happens.

So we start troubleshooting only to find out that I had plugged the PCI-E power plugs into the ATX12V slot at the top of the board near the CPU. So we switched the cables around properly and tried again. Nothing. Reset the PSU button and the fans did the same thing that they do above.

NOTE: Whenever the power is cut from the board, i.e. the green light on it cuts off from turning off the PSU, and turned back on, the fans do the same thing as above. They start to spin but don't even make it halfway. Every boot after that has no fan spin or any signs of getting power.

Friend said it happened to him, but he just had to reseat his GPU. We did the same and also tried booting without the GPU. Then we began troubleshooting EVERYTHING that we could do before having to tear it all out and test it out of the case, like putting the stock backing plate for the CPU cooler on. We've tried the jumper, taking power away from everything unneeded, switching the power and reset switches, etc. Same results as above.

The thing that gets me is that it was booting up from the first start but then I cut it off of course. So my guess is that there's either an electrical short somewhere or something bad happened with the power mixup.

I wanted to get this up here by the time I went to bed since I won't be home till the late afternoon (EST).
It's really frustrating and I hope someone knows what's going on, whether the board is bad or fried from the power connector mix-up, or the PSU is bad or whatever. I will be tearing everything out of the case and changing the CPU cooler and it's corresponding back plate tomorrow and whatever else that I can do that you guys might suggest. Thanks in advance everyone!
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  1. Bad board.. Say bye-bye
  2. Thanks for the reply beefybish. I did some more troubleshooting once I got home and the board does seem to be bad.
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