Installed new driver and now my HD audio no longer works. Help Please

Good Morning,

First, I just want everyone to know that I know a good bit about computers so if you need to go in detail by all means please do because I have spent the last 12 hours nearly pulling my hair out trying to troubleshoot this issue.

I have a GTX 570 and was running my hdmi coord thru my TV (42 inch LED Panasonic tv about 3 months old). I had 280.26 graphics driver installed (and whatever version of the HD audio installed from that series). Had that for the last 3 months or so with no issues. Well I had been beta testing a MMO and it kept giving me the annoying pop up that I needed to update my graphics drivers, and so I finally did. Updated to 296.10. I did a full clean install (to include deleting all the numbered driver updates in the nvidia folder. I also unistalled all the extra drivers prior to fully getting rid of the 280.26 driver. Long story short I did a full in-depth clean install.

When I installed the 296.10 driver everything went fine, no issues that I could tell. When I went right back to my game I noticed that my sound wasnt on. I figured that maybe it changed my default to something else, but when I looked it didnt select anything as my default. Now no matter what I do I can not actually set it as default. It just says the device is working properly and is "ready". I tried going back to my old driver, restoring to an back up point, clean install again, trying a different cable, taking out the graphics card completely and reinstalling, praying, voodoo, ect...ect...ect.

Anyone know what I need to do? I pretty much hit the first 10 pages of google with 16 variations of questions trying to figure out the answer. I built my wifes computer the sameway and she is in need of the same update, but to worried to try it.

I have some pictures so you can see what I see. I actually have the device highlighted but set as default is not able to be clicked. It wont let me test it, configure it, nothing. I also opened up my properties on the device.

I have images below that show my problem.

Posted Image

Posted Image

I had to install my motherboard audio (the VIA device) so thats why its on their. Previously I did not have anything but the Nvidia HD audio device.

Really looking for some guidance.

My computer specs if needed

Windows 7 64
i5 760 OC to 4.2
Evga Superclocked GTX 570
Asus p7p55D-E Pro Motherboard
8 gigs of 2100 MHZ A-data gamer ram
Bigfoot Killer NIC card (pointless I know but I'm stationed in Japan and needed all the help I could get)
Antec 750 Trio PS
Kingston 128 SSD hard drive (windows)
WD black 2 Terabtyes Sata3 drive.

Please help!
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  1. on the first picture see what you got if you press property for the tvo1 and did you try to configure this one
  2. yes, sorry i should of added that to my first post. The Configure button does nothing, thou it is highlighted, if I click it nothing happens. Nothing appears in the background.

    As for the properties, I didn't add anything about it because it doesnt so anything real useful (atleast I don't think so).

    But I went ahead and took pictures anyways.

    These are the properties tabs.

    Now for that picture it says not HDCP supported but my TV is HDCP supported. Its only 3 months old and has a big sticker on it that says HDCP supported. When my HD audio on my HDMI was working prior to the new driver it said supported.

    I also took a third picture of my nividia control panel proving it works as intended as HDCP.

    As for the levels and enhancements tabs on the properties, they are empty pages. Nothing listed on them.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for responding.
  3. when you uninstalled the nvidia drivers and you rebooted, did you check the BIOS to see that the onboard audio was still disabled ?

    on the tv's menu for sound...... are the tv's speakers selected ?

    and you mentioned something about removing the nvidia drivers "all of them"............ exactly what........... nothing pertaining to the motherboard ?............ just the video card I hope.

    go to windows update first. see what they have.......... and what's needed in the device manager, anything ?
  4. I tried both ways, with and without the onboard sound enabled/disabled. The nvidia HD audio device still appears on my sound device screen but you are unable to do anything to it other then what I have already posted pictures about.

    The TV speakers are on and are set to digital (it even says in hits help pop up that HDMI carries a digital).

    As for removing the drivers, I only did graphic card drivers. I did a clean uninstalled. Besides my motherboard does not have any nvidia board drivers. It is an intel/VIA chipset board. I also reinstalled all my motherboard drivers after hours of trying everything else. That did nothing as well.

    As for windows update, it only shows some secruity patches and silverlight installation (not going to install that.

    Love the help. Please keep it coming. I want to solve this so bad.
  5. Go into control panel , select sound , and make the Nvidia HD drivers your default sound device option.
  6. It does not allow me to set it as default. I am pretty good with computers, I tried most of the basic stuff. I feel there is a conflict somewhere that I just dont know how to find.
  7. uninstall and remove the killer nic.
  8. What is that going to do? The nic card is working find and the HDMI HD audio was working fine prior to the update.
  9. trying to eliminate conflicts.
  10. when everything was working good did you have the via driver on the system ,there could be a conflict between the via driver and the nvidia driver for the sound output.remove the via and try only with the nvidia one
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