CPU recommendation?

Hi, please could someone help me to find the best processor out there for gaming, i have a budget of around $180 i can go a little bit higher. Thanks in advance, and sorry about the noob question :D
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  1. Extend your budget around 40$ more and there you have it, Intel i5 3570k, The King of Gaming CPUs.
    Pair it up with a good Z77 Mobo (preferably ASUS) and at least HD 7770 GPU. And, let the game begin.
  2. What is the socket ? it is really hard without knowing the mobo...and other parts.
  3. just the processor? don't need a motherboard, RAM, SSD/HD, video card or anything else?
  4. I am just looking for a decent processor really as i can buy the mobo around that as i have built systems but not high end gaming ones :)
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