Budget gaming rig under $560

As the title says, I would like for the pc to be under $560 USD.
I am trying to build a gaming computer capable of playing such games as; The witcher 2, League of legends, some minecraft, and various mmo's.

please give me any ideas that come to mind and are affordable. Also I am not including the operating system, dvd burner, mouse or keyboard in the final price.

please tell me what I should keep or change overall and if it can play these games

here is my starting build

computer case
Price: $59.99

Price: $124.99

Motherboard / ram combo
Price: $104.98

Price: $44.99

hard drive
Price: $84.99

Price: $139.99

total: $599.93

Please edit if necessary.
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  1. You should be able to build

    AMD FX 4100 $110
    Asus 970 series chipset mb $75
    2 x2 gig of 1600 Mhz RAM at 1.5 volts $30
    Radeon 6870 $150
    antec one gaming case $50
    dvd drive $19
    silverstone 500 watt psu $50
    500 gig hard drive $75


    games better thanks to the 6870
    better in non game applications
    overclocks well even on the stock cooler
  2. shouldn't I get 8gb of ram since it is close in price to 4gb and how exactly is the mobo / cpu superior to my first build? Also is this psu beter.
  3. raidmax = rubbish
    if you can top up the ram get it but for a gamer dont go over 8gb, pointless unless video.photo editing etc
    6870>6850 not much but it is better
    his amd is slightly better than your i3.. neither are great but working with a budget... if you can i5 ( at least 2nd gen) and maybe h77 board ( gonna cost ya ) it will give you better upgrade potential as the new intels are 1155 socket as well
  4. http://www.budgetbuildpc.com/june-2012-500-build/

    This build is $500. It's pretty much the same as yours except it has 4GB memory. You can get 8GB if you want, but I think it's pretty useless. This build also doesn't include rebates so it's probably less than $500, and amazon also gives free shipping on orders above $25.

    You could replace the CPU/Mobo to i3-2100 and intel mobo if you want. But I prefer the 965 simply because it's better for multi-threaded applications.
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