No video after monitor sparked+test with a new monitor

So i brought my comp over to my friends and started hooking it up and im pretty sure my comp was off and i plugged the power cord into my monitor and it sparked and blew a fuse. so i flipped the breaker and retried it, monitor has 0 thats fried..but my comp will start up and on a NEW monitor it shows it has a video connection, but no visuals and i can hear my windows boot up through my speakers. so i'm thinking my card got fried a bit while the dvi was plugged in during the spark. My cards fans spin, but thats from the pci slot power, i don't have a multimeter to test the 6 pin power cords. My psu will run my hd's from the same input that my card was plugged into. i've redone my drivers, i've set my bios pci to not boot onboard, and still the same result. i wont be able to return this card for about a week, so i'm trying to figure out a way around it if there is even one. i'm going to test my mini hdmi slot for video when i get back home, but for the time being i want to see what kind of responses i get since this is my first issue like this.
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  1. i have the gigabyte gtx 560 1gb windforce
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