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Okay, I have an oem fx-6200 in my new build. Problem is, after about 5 mins of skyrim(on ultra) the cpu temp goes up to 75 or so, and gpu(hd7770) hits over 50. I have an arctic a30 heatsink/fan on my cpu, so does it seem likely that I need to reseat the cooling on my cpu? I have three fans in the case, not counting the built-in fans on the gpu and spu.

I did have trouble installing the a30 heat sink, as the way the fan is situated leaves no room to screw in the heatsink/mount screw on the fan side, so I had to use my fingers. I'm thinking that may be the problem, but no idea how to fix it. Any ideas?
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  1. what u mean? screwdriver cant fit in screw coz of obstacles?
  2. If you can easily move or wobble your heatsink it needs reseating. Maybe re apply the thermal paste and try to seat it more firmly.
  3. Okay, just figured out that I can remove the fan from the a30 to get to the screw. Tightened it a bit, not too much. Hasn't effected temps at all though. Gonna make sure I didn't put on too much paste later, maybe that's it.

    Btw, when I took out a ram stick(Corsair vengeans 1600 ddr3) the system wouldn't boot, just gave me "dvi no video out). But if I put the single stick in the other slot, it would boot. Same with the other stick. Is it possible the ram slot itself is bad? Because both 8gb ram sticks work depending on what slot they're in. Not much I can do, as the ram's not worth RMA'ing to newegg as it was only ten bucks or so anyway.
  4. Okay, tightened the heat sink, and my load is down to 50-something. But, my gpu is running a little hot, about 50+, which speedfan says is too hot. I think I need to do something with the cables in my case, but I really have no space in there, and my coolermaster 500w spu has a ton of cables I don't need.

    I think the ram issue was me being dumb and not locking them in all the way. I'm used to working on laptops, so I am kinda foolish here:)
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    don't worry about speedfan saying its too hot. An HD7770 can easily operate at temps upto 80' C so 50-60 is really a good temperature.

    If you want the temps to drop by another 4-5' then install more case fans and doing some cable management will def help
  6. thanks! I can't install another side fan, because the Arctic a30 gets in the way:( But the back output fan is stock, and I can put in a bottom fan too.

    Not sure what I can do with the cables, maybe I'll secure the spares on top of the bottom psu, and just tie up the rest.
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