Which cpu combo i should choose

i want to upgrade my old pc
my pc specs are

cpu : amd sempron 140 2.7 ghz single core
mobo : asus m2n68 am plus
normal amd cooling
Odyssi 450W psu/smps
1 GB ram DDR 2
16 monitor

i am planning to upgrade CPU,MOBO,RAM & GPU

I have two options

i use pc for Gaming, Movies & Internet

opt no 1.
CPU : AMD 2.1 ghzA6 3500 ~ $81 (4514 indian rupees)
MOBO : MSI A55M-P35 ~$60 (3289 inr)
RAM : 4 GB crosair 1333 mhz ~ $18 (1000 inr)
GPU : Radeon hd 6570 1GB ddr3 ~$75 (4144)

opt no 2.
CPU : AMD 3.3 GHz Phenom II 560 ~$81 (4505)
MOBO : MSI 760GM-P21 (FX) ~$45 (2490)
RAM : 4 GB crosair ~$18 (1000)
GPU : Radeon hd 6570 1GB ddr3 ~$75 (4144)

opt 1 total ~$ 234
opt 2 total ~$ 220

which one i should choose?

can i crossfire apu + hd 6570?

tgis will be.my last decision

is there any other amd/ intel combo at ~$230?
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  1. Go with option 2. I would not crossfire.
  2. You would probably be better off with option #2, ideally spending $15 more on a better video card to even out the two sets of prices.

    However, there should be some older Intel G series processors and H61 motherboards that are available for the same $81 and $45 that those cost in #2 and it will probably perform better as an end result.

    You can do the crossfire with 6570, but the A6 isn't really a processor I would do a lot of crossfiring with. It has only 3 cores all of which are slow, and crossfiring is a considerable tax on processors. Plus, it would be using 1333 RAM which would make it even worse. The Llano processors use regular RAM as VRAM which means the 6570 card would not just be waiting on the processor but also on slow RAM too.

    The Llano chips are great if you are going to stick completely with the integrated graphics and you have RAM working at 1866 or higher, but really only then.

    If you were looking at getting an A10-5800k, an A75 or A85 board, and some 1866 RAM, that would be a real contender with these setups though. Probably better than them, even, but you might not be able to do it with only $230. Probably not, even. I haven't checked the prices, though.

    - Edit - I just checked prices and an A10 might not be out of the question.

    Newegg prices in USD for a potential setup would be
    A10-5800k = $130
    ASRock FM2A75M-DGS = $50
    Corsair Vengance 2x 4GBs 1866 = $49

    That doesn't mean all that is available in India for those prices, though.
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