No display on an Asus GTX 260

Hey community,

So my GTX 260, which I just got, seems to be not working. I have it on one of my computers. That computer works completely fine with my previous GTS250, and still does, but it will just not take the GTX 260.

Here is the issue. When I hit the power button with this computer, the fan on this card spools up to like 100%, and just stays that way. Then the computer will continue to boot into Windows, with no regards to providing a display through the card. The computer will be logged on to the Windows, and still no display will be achieved.

I'm thinking its the power supply, but someone might say otherwise. Its a ASUS GTX260 896MB model. Here are the specs of the computer currently:-Celeron G530
-MSI GTS250 512MB
-WD Caviar 320GB
-Patriot 4GB DDR3
-CM eXtreme Power Plus 500W
-WinVista 32-bit
-CM Elite 343

Yes, I am aware this PSU is crap.

Thanks for the help guys,
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  1. yeah probably it may be your psu check that i posting some review hop it help
    gtx 260 sys req
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    i would check to see if you have all the bios updates for that mb before you call the video card dead. there been 10 updates for that mb bios. i would check to see if you have the newest one. if you dont do not jump to the last may brick your mb do them in order.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I haven't gotten around to trying it because I have other projects, but I'll make it a summer project.
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