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My Build

So, I was thinking about building my own computer with this build

asrock z77 extreme 4
i5 3570k
gigabyte radeon hd 7870
hyper 212 evo cooler
corsair vengeance 8 gb(2x4 gb)
seagate barracuda 500 gb
rosewill challenger black gaming atx mid tower
antec neo eco 520 w continuous power 80 plus certified

and I was wondering if the psu will be able to handle it? Any advice?
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    Why dont u get a M12II 520W or XFX Pro Core Edition 550W.

    Both are great PSU and will do the job with that rig.

    Even if u CF 7850 they will go up to 315W with some OC

    77W I5
    15W Hdd
    16W Ram
    25W Dvd

    =Add some on to the I5 and u get 470W .

    So choose 1 of the above linked psu
  2. So, if i'm doing minor oc the M12II 520W will be perfectly fine?
  3. Ur perfect with both of them.

    Where are u buying from ?
  4. I'm getting everything but the psu and case from microcenter

    If u can get this from NCIX would be great .It is 54$ after rebate.
    20-25$ lower than seasonic.

    And for MC i dont think i can help you.You have to search at the store for this 2 psus
  6. Is there any difference between those two, like which would be better in the long run?
  7. Both of them have 5 Years warranty (Register is neccesary )

    So you would be good. Both are well known brands. Cant go wrong
  8. Does the 5 year warranty also apply at newegg?
  9. Yes it does on both of the PSU's
  10. Alright, thank you for your help :D
  11. Np ;)
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