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Hello, I recently built a PC and borrowed a UPS, it makes a beeping noise continuously as soon as I start up games like the Witcher 2 and upon closing them is ceases. I concluded it is probably due to the UPS not being able to provide enough power under load but I am not really sure as I know nothing of UPS's. It would seem that there is some problem and I am looking into getting my own UPS anyway, PC specs are listed below. (The PSU I have isn't listed, it is an XFX XXX 850w silver, also my keyboard draws power from the computer, just thought i would mention it.) My monitor is a HP 2211x 21.5 inch monitor. That and my PC are the only items that draw off the UPS I am currently using and they will be the only ones drawing from any future UPS's.

Current PC Specifications:

Monitor power consumption: AC: 100-240VAC
Consumption: 36-40W (Maximum), 29W (Typical), <0.5W (Power Saving/Off)

Estimated Wattage: 431W

Shipping a UPS is quite costly so I would much prefer to stick to these websites however any in Australia will do if the shipping works out reasonable to Western Australia.

Prefered sites to purchase from:

Having some headroom would be nice as I plan on overclocking later. Suggestions are much appreciated thank you.
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