Which brand?

Which brands are better at what? There are so many brands and so many different versions its hard to keep them straight.

I am going to be upgrading my gpu in the next month and I'm not sure what brands I should be focusing on. I know evga is probably the safe bet but what do the different brands do well? Some of the better prices I've seen on the zotacs but I know nothing about then. I will probably be getting a 560ti 2gb as I plan to sli by the end of the year. Thoughts?
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  1. For AMD, Asus, MSI, XFX, Sapphire, and Gigabyte
    For Nvidia, EVGA, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte

    If the card is reference its all about warranty, because the cards are the same. It doesn't matter if its a company I listed or not, they are the same. Non-reference cards I listed my favorites up top. ASUS and MSI have my favorite aftermarket coolers.
  2. don t go with msi fuckin *** brand evga also make same faulty gpu go for saaphire his asus and gigabyte better go with asus they make qualty product my personal experience with gtx 560 ti twin frozer 3 suck went many times to RMA bad support go for asus
  3. Apparently someone had a bad experience with MSI cards. Personally I've had a half a dozen of them over the years, and never had a problem
  4. not just all cards are defective but mine have some fault so RMA it then still have problem they change my gpu to gtx 570 which also in poor condition but working mm..
    my personal experience say go with other brand
  5. for nvidia

    1)evga for better customer care support, lifetime warranty,making of good product.:)

    2)asus for making an product of good cooling and overclocking.

    3)msi for nice gpu making especially twinfrozr

    4)gigabyte its mine favorite for now days windforce x3 x2 are doing quite well job.:)

    for amd

    1)sapphire i have been always gettings these brand card because they perform over price and do there job quite well for what they supposed to be.:)

    2)xfx powerful built and customer care

    3)asus same what i have given above for nvidia

    4)gigabyte good cooling and quite well overclocking i like windforce.:)
  6. no msi sucks asus ebga gigabyte far better then msi
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