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I have a 1.65 gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual processor but my Windows 7 desktop sometimes run slow.

Would an upgrade to 2 G/htz or more speed up my PC?
If so which is the best one to buy?
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  1. Graphics card?! Really?


    How much RAM?
    How old is the machine?
    Do you frequently defrag?
  2. What kind of processor and mobo? Is it on a LGA 775? This sounds like a pretty old build and maybe not worth upgrading unless you have access to cheap extra parts. You might want to do a full CPU/MOBO upgrade. Also, how much ram do you have? Not having enough memory can contribute to a slow computer. CPUz can give you a full report of your hardware btw.
  3. Kinda depends. Lot of things influence how your computer performs.

    Do you have lots of bloat-ware ? Or viruses/mal-ware ?

    Are you using a mechanical hard drive ?

    How much ram ?

    Is that an Pentium Dual-Core e2140 cpu? Or is it some newer one ? Getting your model number of your cpu would be useful.

    Do you have a video card ? and if so what is it ?
  4. Yeah I would look elsewhere to diagnose your performance issues. I have configured many even single core Pentium 4HT's @ 2.8-3.4Ghz with windows 7 and they run just fine. I would look at spyware/start up programs/ old files/ registry errors. Download CC Cleaner and malware bytes, run both and get back to me.
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