5670 overheating?

I have been playing D3 on all manner of settings. My monitor is 1600x900. My 6870 is idle temp at 76 Celsius idle and 108 playing D3. Could this be the cause of the stutter where it drops from 60fps to 30fps alot?
I don't believe its bottlenecked, I have a Dell XPS 7100, 6 core Phenom and 6 gigs ram. I am concerned maybe the fan just doesn't cut it, the room temperature is 74 Fahrenheit. Haven't had any issues before this game, WOW, LOL, etc all run fine even with the GPU overclocked.
If it is the card what do you guys recommend for around $150 that will max out D3 with 4 person party at decent settings? It has a 460 PSU and room for a double sized card if needed. Also, I just feel like 76 idle is really hot despite a high room temp.
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  1. try to update your gpu driver and clean fan and heatsink of 5670 change thermal paste
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