HD 6750 Graphic Card Setup failure

Hey, I just bought this medio-level Radeon HD 6750 from Bestbuy.

I have Acer M3400-U2502, which is

Athlon II X2 -215 ( 2.7GHz Dual)
8GB of RAM ( 4GB x 2)
300W PSU
and used to run Radeon HD 4250 (On board Video)

I bought HD 6750 to play Diablo III and came home, put in PCI-E socket.
Fan started running, so I thought it was a good sign.

no sign when I plugged my VGA cable.
it recognizes my on-board graphic card, HD 4250, not HD6750 I just bought and plugged in.

It came with card, installation CD, but it won't even let me install the driver.

no sign of new graphic driver, no installation, no show on monitor....

does that have anything to do with lack of PSU?
because it seems that the graphic card has 6-pin connector socket in the rear, but never came with the connector itself.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. The card needs a PCIe power cable from the PSU to work! Your PSU is on the small end for that card but could work!
  2. Yes you need to plug the 6 pin power connector into the card or it won't work. Look for a wire that comes from your PSU has 6 pins then plug it into the back of the graphics card.
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