Graphics problem running IVY Bridge HD4000 and Nvidia GT430

Seems like I've tried everything.

I have 2 tvs. One 32 and one 55. The nvidia gt430 is running off the 32 inch and works fine. The onboard intel chip is HD4000 which is linked to my IVY bridge 3570K and is plugged into the 55 inch however no display and I can't pickup dual displays in windows.

My old motherboard was able to do so. Recently I upgraded to Z77- DH3 mb and now I can't.

I'm not able to get a display onscreen even with the nvidia graphics card removed from the machine completely and graphics in bios set to intel graphics.

Also when I watch a movie I think the intel graphics switches over because the screen goes slightly pixelated and doesn't look as crisp as it should.

I noticed that in device manager windows only shows the GT430 under graphics drivers and not the HD4000 even though it is enabled in bios.

There are no yellow exclamation marks in drivers. I want the HD4000 and the Gt430 to show like how it did with old mb.
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  1. Check all your bios settings again for the graphics, check to see if there is an option to enable multi gpu or multi igpu as they call it now.
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