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Why am I overheating?

Third and hopefully last question.

My first build, and everything is assembled and running beautifully. However, when I game, my CPU and Graphic Card temps nearly hit 70 degrees Celsius. When idle or just surfing, they level out at around 35-40.

All of it seems to suggest that I'm poorly cooling my computer, but I've followed some pretty simply principles. I have the coolermaster haf xm, and I've placed two fans on top blowing out, a rear fan blowing out, and three front case fans blowing in(plus power supply blowing up). Since heat rises, this seemed to make thermal sense. But perhaps there is something I'm missing.

Thanks for your help!

Coolermaster Haf XM
i7 3770
GTX 670
16g ram
SSD 120g
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    GPU 70°C is fine. For CPU it is high and a little over recommended max
    Try reseating your heatsink with new paste.
  2. So a 70 is to be expected with your GPU?
  3. Yes! Max temp is high 90's.
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