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I have a dell D630 that has had recently upgraded to a intel T9500 processor but i can not seem to get a temperature reading from it at all i have tried the majority of monitoring programs and the all say that my temp is -27c. I have tried real temp, speedfan and hwmonitor and they all give me the same reading any ideas as to why this might be?
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  1. I sometimes use coretemp; your cpu may be running near the maximum temp allowed by Intel, which is normal since the heatsink is very small. If you want to get it lower, try a laptop cooler tray, such as this one:
  2. o1die thanks for the reply i loaded coretemp and it actually has better documentation than the other programs as i might have found the reason for the readings i keep getting. Still i get -22c but i could have a malfunctioning temp sensor or it is because it has hit is max and just keeps climbing up. As well i will see if a cooler tray will help to see if i can bring the temp down to a readable range if it has hit its max.
  3. Do you have an ES - Engineering Sample CPU or is it a retail CPU? Some ES CPUs have temperature sensors that are defective. Post a screen shot of CPU-Z and look in the Specifications box for the letters ES.
  4. i recently found out that it is a engineering sample. it has a gold top which i thought was kinda weird at first but payed no attention to it until i started to get bsod's and more specifically its the q4ww models of those samples that are the defective ones.
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