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Hi folks, I am considering building a gaming rig. I have never built a machine before, but I have enough knowledge to pull it off I think, either that or really screw things up badly lol. I have a tentative parts list in mind, and I am just looking for some feedback on the selected components. Specifically I am looking to make sure everything is compatible and will work together, also I am wondering about bang for my buck, In other words are there areas I could cut back on cost for my intended purpose, or are there areas that I should ramp up a bit. My intent for the machine is primarily playing WOW, and hopefully GW2 when it releases.

Component list:

MOBO- Asus Maximus V Gene z77 mATX DDR3 Intel LGA 1155

CPU- Intel Core i7 2700K 3.5 GHz 4 Core LGA 1155

RAM- Corsair 16GB Vengeance Low Profile 1600mhz PC3-12800 240 pin Dual ch DDR3 (4ea 4GB sticks)

SSD Drive- Corsair 120 GB force series 3 SATA 3 6GB/s 2.5" SSD

HD- Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA 3 7200 RPM 64MB Cache.

GPU- EVGA GeForce GTX 570 1280 MB GDDR5

PSU- Corsair HX Professional Series 850W

Cooling- Cooler Master V6GT 220W CPU cooler

Case- Antec Dark Fleet DF-85 ATX Full Tower

I think that's all of the important details, any comments would really help. Thank you.
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  1. Swap out the 2700K for a 3570K. 2700K isn't needed for gaming.

    Also a 7850 instead of a 570.
  2. Id swap the 570 for a 670 if budget allows
    swap the Maximus for the Sabertooth
    Ditch the Antec DF85 for a Corsair 400r
    Ditch the HX850w for the HX650w (thats plenty of power for a modern system)
    Cut the RAM to 8gb, 16gb is way overkill
    ditch the V6 cooler and get they Hyper 212 EVO
  3. In fact looking at it your system price should come in around the same price with the changes ive made allowing the purchase of the much better GTX670
  4. Thank you for the feed back. is the Sabertooth enough of an upgraded MOBO to justify another $150? The case makes total sense though, $50 cheaper and looks great with lots of cooling options (thank you for pointing me in that direction). I figured the graphics card that I had selected was on the light end, but the budget was getting slim when I made that selection, and another $150-$300 on a graphics card seemed a little harsh since I mostly just play WOW, which in the grand scheme of games is not a huge graphics drain. I do however expect GW2 will be so I will investigate the GPU idea further. any thoughts in the best 670-680 card for the money? or even a 7850 as Lucem suggested?
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