Need a cpu upgrade.

Hi, i have a p5q-se mobo (from the stoneage, i know) and i need an cpu upgrade. what i currently have is a core 2 duo 3 ghz

This mobo uses a lga 775 socket, which is "dead" and would appreciate any replies regarding this topic.

Note: this is a gaming pc

I cant really afford to replace my mobo atm.
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  1. What's your budget for upgrading? Without one, we can't really do much.
  2. Which games do you anticipate playing? Your only upgrade options on that motherboard is a Quad at 3GHz which you will find tough to locate.

    A Q9650 is 3GHz but is still listed at about £200-£300 most places

    For that price you can get a MB, CPU and new RAM that will perform better I believe. I'm building an AMD A8 computer for under £250
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