Signs of a failing HDD?

I've had this PC for nearly 2 years now, but for the past week or so I've been having issues. Things like

- Booting taking ~10 minutes, stuck on the Loading Windows screen.

- Programs, folders or files taking a minute or more to load most of the time.

- Programs hanging often, saying they stopped responding, usually lasting a few minutes.

- When having a browser open, pages take long to load, and if I have several tabs open, they all finish loading around the same time.

I haven't noticed any programs or files missing. I used the built in tool with Windows 7 to check the drive, but no errors were found. My specs are ATI Radeon HD 6870, AMD Athlon II X4, 12 GB DDR3 RAM. GPU temps are fine (35 idle, 55 load), but my CPU idles around 50 and reaches 60 under load. Is there any other part that would cause these issues?

I know it's not a virus, since I restarted Windows from factory settings two days ago hoping it'd fix it. I did a full scan for viruses with MSE and it found nothing.

Also, if this isn't in the right section feel free to move it.
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  1. HDD's are doomed devices, they don't last forever and eventually, they will need to be replaced. I think the normal life time of a HDD is about 5 years. Your GPU and CPU temps are perfectly fine though, it's very unlikely that they're causing the issue. Try opening your HDD carefully and check if there's something wrong.
  2. use the hdd maker tool to test your drive
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