Am I screwed over?

Hey Guys,

I admit I'm a newbie when it comes to building a barebones PC, but have done numerous upgrades in the past.

I recently bought a AMD 1900 CPU and a ASUS A7V266-E Motherboard from a computer show. And a Antec 350W Mid-Tower from CompUSA.

Excited about it, I installed the CPU/motherboard and using my old GeForce2MX and booted up and, whoops, no POST at all. No beeps. The CPU Fan and North Bridge fan seems to be working with the LED on the board are on. The MB was NOT set up to overclock whatsoever. And I got a damn BIG Thermaltake heat sink.

Ok, so I call up the guy who sold me the CPU and MB and gave it back hoping for a replacement. 4 days later, he called me back and said my CPU and MB was fried!!!??! I'm like whoa??! Then he said he can't replace the CPU and MB and ask me to call AMD and ASUS directly. I not that worried about ASUS as I got a retail boxed set, so there's a warranty (I hope) on it.

Problem is the CPU, looking at AMD website says that they don't support OEMs and ask you to contact your reseller. I haven't contacted AMD yet... somehow I got a bad feeling about the answer.

So am I got screwed or what? How could my CPU and MB be burned on the first night with everything set up as default?
If so, who's fault is it? Does this not cover it under the warranty?

Luckily I charged for the parts, and I was hoping that if all don't get through I'll dispute it. I was saving a budget on it for a very long time! Some of us poor students have to work our ass for it.

Thanks for your help guys. Please reply back soon as the clock is counting.

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  1. Either hope the reseller gives you an exchange, they usually have a 30 day warranty or try to force the guy who sold it to you to give you a new one because it was DOA.

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  2. Isn't resellers = to the guy who sold me the CPU??
  3. Did you pay for it with a credit card? Cause if you did you can probably dispute the payment and say that he sold you deffective merchandise.

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  4. BUY the Exact CPU off line, change the CPU's and send back. say it was DOA, there you go....


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