Run windows 98 on mac 10.4.11 ppc using Emulator

How do I run windows 98 on mac 10.4 ppc using an emulator?
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  1. You don't.
  2. You can. qemu will do the job for you. Depending upon the age of your Mac it might be a bit slow.
  3. He's not running a Intel mac , he's running a Power PC mac, totally different ballgame. Win 98 isn't going to run on that under any emulator.
  4. Have you tried it so that you can so categorically state that it is impossible? I have. Don't you know what the word "emulator" means? Please don't advise people what they can't do if you haven't tried it yourself.

    I have run Windows 98 in qemu on a PPC Mac Mini. Qemu emulates the x86 processor, hence the name "emulator" which is why it tends to be a bit slow on a Mac. Qemu can also emulate PPC, Sparc, and ARM processors.

    Here's a link to Q, the OS X version of qemu.
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