Replace the platform or upgrade the platform ?

Okay, so heres my specs:

fx-8120 @4.0ghz
560 gtx
8gb of ram
corsair force gt ssd

My question is:

Should I replace the mobo and cpu and get smth like (3570k, z77) or should i just upgrade to fx-8350 and 660ti.
I have a hyper 212 evo and i know a way around overclocking, so which would be the best solution ?

Im on a budget so i cant change platforms and get a new GPU. I will be able to sell the replaced parts tho.

What do you think ? Im playing fairly CPU heavy games like RIFT, Dota2 etc. (rift is my main game). I also stream a lot of games which is cpu-heavy aswell!
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  1. I personally would OC the CPU, and consider an upgrade to the GPU if necessary though a 560GTX should perform well at the moment.

    One question, you didn't actually mention any dis-satisfaction with the setup?
  2. dis-satisfaction is that rift is really cpu heavy and so is streaming. so doing them both at the same time results in me having 15fps and suttering gameplay.

    and i cant OC my cpu anymore cause i have a horrible chip. everything above 1.35V skyrockets my temps with a hyper 212 evo
  3. So, any suggestions ?
  4. Anyone? Any ideas ?
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