Need advice on buying gaming computer.

I am looking for a computer to use for gaming, but im not looking for something crazy. I just want something that will rungames like battleield 3. I also want a platform that I can build on in the future instead of having to replace everything. I have found a computer that I am interested in, but I don't know if it is good or not. So here are the specs.
Sandy Bridge i5 2500k with a GTX 550 ti video card, Gigabyte z68x-ud4-b3 motherboard, 1tb hdd, 64gb sdd2.
I don't quiet understand the SDD2 and the HDD is, but hopefully you gys will know.
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  1. Instead of GTX 550Ti, get the HD 6870.
    Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-V PRO
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB)

    SSD - OCZ Agility 3 60G
  2. Unfotunately the specs that I listed are for a computer that is already built that I was looking into buying. I don't want to build my own at this point unless I can make one better than the specs listed for $800 with monitor and mouse. The one that I listed is $800 with a monitor gaming mouse and keyboard which I thought was a goosd deal? Regardless, I was just wondering if that computer was good for a beinner getting into computers and at a good price. Thanks.
  3. the sandy bridge 2500 or the ib 3540 or 3570 is fine for any game machine. 8 gig of ram is fine for any game.. min card would be 560 or a 7770. an ssd would be nice but a 1tb hd will be fine. make sure the gaming system using a good power supply.
  4. link the build and not theparts and we can tell you if its a good deal or not.

    using cheaqpest pricing on newegg below:
    550Ti - $115
    2500k - $220
    z68x-ud4-b3 - $200
    1tb HDD - $80
    60GB SSD - $70

    total so far is $685 so it is looking like a decent deal.
  5. That computer seems kind of sketchy too be honest, that motherboard will only support 32gb of ram, and its running 64gb? Whoever built it ether did not quite understand this motherboards capability, or I missed something. On a side note I just built my first gaming computer, all through and I probably spent about $780.00 total, and it runs WoW, Counter Strike and BF like a champ. It is a great experience to build your own, you should really consider it.
  6. you mis-read.
    64gb is the size of the ssd , not the ram.
  7. I did thank you.
  8. I don't know what you mean by link the build not the parts, but I spoke to the seller over the phone and he did not know much about the computer. He had a tech guy buy the parts and build it for him. I also forgot to mention that the computer has a 750watt power supply and he said it is liquid cooled with a coolermaster case? It also comes with all microsoft office applications. Thats all I know as of now.
  9. if a seller does not know what in his pc...ether he has not computer quick aqay from the deal as you dont know what the pc going to look or run if you get it or it stolen. most people that have someone build there pc for them know what parts they bought for there pc. if your in contact with him ask if the pc comes with a windows oem cd or retail cd to put windows back on the hard drive and a vaild windows key and will it come with the office cd and key. find out when and who build it if it was a company that did it and why there selling it. if it a hot pc or a fly by night seller they wont have the cd or oem number.
    my older 775 pc i gave to a friend with the oem windows cd and key. if he need to replace the hard drive he has a vaild os for the pc. if the mb needs to be replaced the key is still good.
  10. If you are a serious gamer then you should prefer a good desktop computer rather than a laptop ..... In my opinion you should go for these specs as you dont want something crazy :
    HP Pavilion p7-1205 Desktop
    Core i5-2320 3 Ghz
    8 GB Ram
    ATI Radeon HD 5670 DDR5 or Better

    This PC will surely be a good gaming PC for 2 or 3 years !!
  11. Thanks for all the advice guys. I called the buyer and he said he didn't have the cds or keys for any of the programs. So unfortunately im not going to buy the computer from him. Although im not buying that computer I found another one for $600 and here are the specs:
    EVGA SLI3 Mother board x58 chipset
    intel core i7 920 d0 cpu @ 3.4GHz (8 Core)
    24GB G-Skill Ripjaw 1600 DDR3 Tri channel memory @ 2153MHz
    2x GTX 550 Ti in SLI
    2x 500GB SATA III HDD
    Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer Case
    I was under the impression that the i7 920(2008) was 2.66GHz and that it is 4 core. Also what should I look at when buying a used computer?
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  13. dude just build your own. that way you can control every part that goes into it.
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