Powering an xfx 7850 2gb

hi guys, I am putting together my first build and I have run into what I think is a problem. My ocz 700w modular psu is supposed to plug into my xfx 7850 2gb core edition gpu. In the gpu manual it says that I need to plug 2 6 pin power plugs from the gpu into the psu. But here is the problem, my psu came with one 6 pin power plug, and another that is exactly like it except instead of just a 6 pin head, it also has another branch (off the same cable) that has a 2 pin head.

The power cable fits just fine, but the 2 pin part is hanging off to the side. So I'm not sure if i've done this right.

sorry if my description is confusing, I'm really new to this, so this is the best I can do short of pictures.
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    The extra 2 pins form the 8 pin PCI-e power cable. Some higher-end graphics cards require 8pin + 6pin - that's where the 2 extra pins come in handy.

    I've also got it similarly set up for my GTX 680; the 2 pins are hanging off to the side.
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  3. Thank you very much for explaining.
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