What to do with old computers?

So there was a few old computers in the basement that have been acquired / replaced / etc over the years and my father has given me free reign to do basically whatever with them. There is also 4 old laptops (bigger bulky ones), a server box thing, many spare hdd, and looks other other electronics. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas with what I should do with them. Currently I have dragged up three and I can probably find another one or two to drag up. Ill update the thread with the speccy results of each one.

First one

OS - MS Windows XP Prof 32-bit sp3

CPU - Intel Pentium 4
Northwood 0.13um tech

Ram - 1.50gb dual-channel ddr @ 166MHZ
(2 512s, 2 256s)

MoBo - Hewlett-Packard 085Ch (XU1 Processor)

Graphics - F1500 (1024x768@60Hz)

- Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller

HD - 39.1GB Maxtor Maxotr 6E040L0

Optical - Liteon CD-Rom LTN486S
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  1. BestBuy.
  2. if there older ibm thinkpads the mb and screen are worth some money. a lot of bis people still look for older working thinkpads.
    for the desktops...there mb and parts are worth more to recycle the gold and silver on them. look to see if there a recycler that pay you 20-30 each for the system for it scrap value. if there working see if any local high school could use them for there pc/networking class.. you can then use the donation as a tax write off. same if a local libary can use them for web and word unit for there patrons. last thing i look into a local computer museum to see if there looking for old hardware.
  3. U coud give as charity, It still usefull as learning tools....
  4. Lets see:

    You could make a linux proxy server.

    Use F@H.

    Donate it to a charity which gives away refurbished computers for Word/Excel (or Libreoffice).

    There really isn't too much you can do with them now. However like I mentioned above, would make a great word/typing computers for students or children.

    Personally, I would just fix 1 or maybe 2 up to working order and just give them to someone who doesn't have a computer, or wants a computer for their child (since children can be harsh on a computer).
  5. Well one of them I just do not have the password for and the other one I have not booted up yet, but one has amd athlon xp and the other is also a intel pentium 4. So they be best used by someone else/tax deduction/for cash? Anyone have any summer project i could possibly do with them such as the linux proxy server?
  6. +1 on donate to charity.
  7. if they're decent machines that can be used without getting annoyed at how slow they are then i'll fix 'em up and donate them to people/families that need a basic-use machine but can't afford to buy one.
    if they're older and essentially useless then i'll salvage anything useful out of them (PSU, maybe RAM, cables, case, maybe ODD) and take the rest to recycling.

    my friend wanted to make his printer wireless but didn't want to buy a new wireless printer or wireless printer host, so i threw a wireless card in an old P3 and set it up as a headless print server. great re-use for an old pile of junk that would've otherwise gone to recycling.
  8. 1 charity,

    recycle center might just trow it in the garbage
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