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I have recently upgraded my Nvidia 560ti to a Radeon 7850. but now i cant seem to install the drivers for it. I am running windows 8 not 7. but surely they should about be the same. any advise on this
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  1. 560ti to hd7850 isn't much of an upgrade to tell you the truth, the 560ti was designed to go against the 6950 1GB, which was replaced by the 7850 2GB. It's just not enough upgrade to spend the money on really.

    Don't expect pre-release drivers from a non released OS to work 100%.
  2. The upgrade was only for eyefinity so i can run three monitors, which the 560ti could do on its own. My MB only has one x16 Slot so it would have been more expensive to do mobo upgrade and buy another 560ti to run sli.

    I got the drivers loaded and downloaded the new catalyst 12.4 suite, but now i'm struggling to to figure out how to setup my 3 monitors in a single wide screen setup. the videos and instructions all refer to previous version of catalyst.
    any advice there?
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