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Hey there, I have an AMD Athlon II X4 630 CPU and it recently has started to produce temperatures around 80 C while running a game or under load. I cleaned out the heatsink and the fan as well as using the optimized defaults in the BIOS but neither has helped. I'm wondering if there are any other steps to take or if buying a new heatsink and fan would help. If I do need to buy a new heatsink/fan, will I also need to buy thermal paste?( Don't know much about it but heard it might be necessary). I'm not very computer hardware savy but I know the basics I suppose. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I can not do much until I figure out a solution. Many thanks.
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  1. Maybe reinstalling it with new thermal paste will help. If you buy an aftermarket cooler then they usually come with paste.
  2. I believe your current thermal paste is old now. All you need to do is buy new thermal paste, re apply it and the temps should drop right down.
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