What size computer case do i need?


my new asus motherboard just came in, and guess what?? it doesn't fit in my computer case!

my new motherboards dimentions are: 12" x 8.8"

what size case am i going to need to purchase?

i have a gateway gt5404 but its dimentions are too small to home this motherboard

the dimentions of the case that was too small according to cnet reviews:

Width 7.2 in .Depth 16.5 in .Height 15.5 in
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  1. Antec 300 is frequently on sale at newegg. It's available everywhere. It will probably be around $40 shipped on black friday somewhere. Excellent quality and value.
  2. just to clarify and keep my options open:

    18.30" x 8.10" x 18.00" are the dimentions im looking for to properly fit my new asus motherboard?

    ^those are the dimentions of the antec 300

    (thank you by the way, very fast response!)
  3. ?????????????????????????????????

    more responses would be very helpful

    i like a wide array of intel
  4. 12" x 8.8" is slightly smaller than standard ATX dimensions which will fit in most cases, just make sure in the case description under the motherboard compatibility field it list ATX or Standard ATX, if it does that board will mount in it. The size of the case is less important than if it has the correct mounting holes for the board.

    Also, yes the Antec 300 will mount a standard ATX board, i can vouch for that.
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