Where is the GTX 690?

I've been looking and looking, and I can't find any GTX 690's in stock anywhere.

Actually -- that's not true. When a site does say they have it, the order will invariably become "back-ordered" the next day. The only legit 690 that I've seen appears to be on Amazon, and it's selling for $2000, which is just silly.

Supposedly this graphics card came out on May 3. Why is it so difficult to find? I'm willing to plunk down the retail price of $1000, but I really don't want to go too much higher.
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    $2,000 lol. The bad news is that Nvidia was receiving bad yields from TSMC. The good news is I read an article saying that TSMC was going to be giving Nvidia priority to help them get caught up with demand.
  2. wait then?
  3. Well considering the GTX680 came out on March 22nd and you can't get one, I don't see how you could expect to find a GTX690 when a 690 is basically TWO 680's on one board.....

    Your best, smartest and cheapest choice would be TWO GTX670's in SLI and overclock them.
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