Big cheap cool PC CASE for next few PC-builds

Guys I spent some time thinking about internal config of my pc. Now i read benchmarks and reviews of PC cases. I'm sick of it :heink: I read recommendations from Tom's Hardware:,3274-10.html

1) NZXT’s Phantom 410
2) Cooler Master Storm Enforcer, SilverStone Kublai KL04, and Antec Eleven Hundred
For Phantom people wrote that its not much muse for the money, just as with enermax hoplite, for CM storm enforcer wrote it is just Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus with different exterior look.. and HAF 912+ is cheaper..
Kublai KL04 looks to me as a noob, like really not worth reading reviews.. For Antec Eleven Hundread review wrote that it only has two fans and no dust filters..

I wanted regnum L50 but review said the case is rather thin... For Fractal I don't know I liked 3000, Then people recommend Arc Midi...

My components does not matter as I would like big and cool Pc case. But here it is:
CPU: i5-3570K 3,4 GHz 6MB cache s. 1155 Box. ~267,36 USD / 209,29 EUR / 869,00,-PLN
MOBO: Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 Intel Z68 LGA1155 (PCIE/VGA/DZW/GLAN/SATA3/USB3/RAID/DDR3) ~106,14 USD/ 83,09 EUR / 345.00,-PLN
COOLER: SilentiumPC Fortis HE1225. ~42,77 USD / 33,48 EUR / 139,00,-PLN
RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x8GB DDR3-1600 Dual Chanel Kit Non-ECC CL10 Red KHX16C10B1RK2/16X. ~85,84 USD / 67,19 EUR / 279,00,- PLN
GPU: MSI GF GTX 560Ti 1024MB DDR5/256b D/H PCI TFII ~239,67 USD / 187,62 EUR / 779,00,-PLN
SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K SSD SATA3 2.5" 90GB SH103S3/90G. ~118,45 USD / 92,72 EUR /385,-PLN

I would like big (so never need bigger for PC, and maybe one day i could use watercooling)
Cheap. And Screwless drives mountings. I can buy tacens utcb 120mm fans if additonal would be needed. I read fans review, and I am good with tacens 120mm, but with PC case i am just sick of it. And stupid diods I can cope with but they are just stupid.

Pc cases are made for a long time, Please give me recommendations for cheap good big PC case as I am sick of reading about them all and different rankings say different things. Thanks in advance and sorry If my question is plain stupid but I have no idea with one to get :heink:
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  1. Stop reading those reviews and start looking at what you like. If you like the way it looks, buy it. In all likelihood, as long as you pick a reputable brand, you're not going to be unhappy.
  2. It's just like with printers.Does printer technology change? No. How many years people had to come up with a quality print cheap refill printer? So why do they make new models all the time, sometimes with chips so you can't refill the cartridge. It's sick, i will read more reviews and pick one, just I hate those printer companies :D
  3. with cars it's the same, and Steve Jobs was just the same guy as Bill Gates, BG is hated, but when Steve Jobs died all was so sad. I think this world is for idiots :D

    "“When Steve Jobs died last week, there was a huge outcry, and that was very moving and justified. But Dennis had a bigger effect, and the public doesn’t even know who he is,” says Rob Pike, the programming legend and current Googler who spent 20 years working across the hall from Ritchie at the famed Bell Labs."


    Not to mention ecology. ;D Take care
  4. Actually what bliq trying to tell you is most of the cases is good, after all that, it down to you to choose which one favor and intest u the most.
    If u are reading reviews, forget all their personal taste or whatsoever, it not the same to most people.

    I would suggest choosing from phantom,storm enforcer, haf series, and the fractal. All of it perform good. Just choose whatever u like.

    Yeah, i agree with u,this world full of idiot, at least that what u will get living around them, the elite exist in plain sight.
  5. Actually for me it's easier to choose and buy a laptop than silly PC case :D I recently bought this laptop for home use for my girlfriend's parents: Lenovo - IBM :: G580GH i3-3110M/8GB RAM/HD4000 integrated/DVD-RW that cost me 330,61 GBP.

    I have few more articles about PC-cases, the chart's Tom's Hardware are not very comparable ;D And reviewer points it out, that the CPU/GPU temperatures / noise / efficiency to price comparison are just odd as the fans are mounted in different places, the hot air may move from GPU to CPU - it's crazy :),3233-9.html,3151-9.html

    I have budget config of my PC. Which one is big case (such that water cooling can be used in future or big Air radiators), with well organized internals, and filters ;D
  6. OK, I chose CoolerMaster HAF X. However the red diots are dumb :D

    Anything that is as good as HAF X and does not cost a little fortune? ;D
  7. I use the DiabloTek EPIC, it's cheap as hell and a bit on the flimsy side but it's very practicle. My CPU temps idle usually a little bit below 20C, my GPU will max around 50C, and my HDD will sit around 30C. The moral of the story is, your not always paying for better cooling your paying for a good brand name, one that is more less flimsy, and one that you can take the front fan out of if it dies, (seriously if my front fan dies I think I'll have to go without one or cut it out.) Even though many cheap cases will have problems with grounding and stuff, I can't see myself spending more than $50 on a case ever.

    But, I do like the Rosewill THOR I think they run like $120 so it's a bit cheaper than the Cooler Master HAF X or the 322 I think it is.
    Ok, it seems storm trooper has more space for water cooling? I thought HAF X is as big as hell ;D
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