Got a buget to build. But where to buy from?

Hi All!

So I asked for a budget to build myself a new workstation for the shop. Especially since Black Friday is here. Today I got news that I have $1200 to work with.

But I wanted to ask the community if there are some other online vendors that I don't know about.

Right now I only deal with these guys.

Frys (if I need to go to a brick and mortar store. And yes I realize on the rare occasion they suck. But its my Disney land) (great price. good return policy)

Are there any others that you guys know and trust?

And just so you know what I do with my machine:

I run a busy sign shop. We do Vehicle wraps and all kinds of signs. And we are getting into digital signage too.
Mind you i know WHAT components. My question is WHERE to buy besides the ones I've already listed.


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  1. This here will be your best friend:

    It uses several websites and finds the lowest prices of all of them for an item. Basically you choose the components and it will find the lowest price it can find.
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