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How well will Diablo III run on intel HD graphics 3000 (comes with the macbook air)? Will most of the character animations still run, or will the look of the game (physics, death animations, etc) be dramatically inferior?
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  1. according to some of the users on this thread:

    turn off shadows and it'll run fine on High. However I suspect most of them are running a windows platform, so I'm not sure how different the Mac version of the game is. but in theory it should do fine. worse case you should get playable frame-rates on medium settings.
  2. My wife runs the game on her 13" MBA. I'm not sure what her settings are, but she ran it fine in the Open Beta and is playing quite happily now.
  3. you can play it with low setting..
  4. Love to know that I can bring my mba to lan parties ;)
  5. Thanks for the feedback, sounds like it'll be ok. Also, you can get the graphics processor with either 256 or 384MB RAM, think that would make much of a difference?
  6. You can run Diablo 3 on Intel HD Graphics 3000 just fine as long as you play on a reasonable screen resolution (for example 1280x720) and you turn off shadows and anti-aliasing. I have written an article that explains the Diablo 3 video settings in more details and suggests the optimal ones for playing the game with Intel HD Graphics. If you are interested, you can check it out here:

    Diablo 3: Optimal Video Settings for Intel HD Graphics
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