GTX 570 Temperature safe?

I have a quick question. I have a EVGA Nvidia gtx 570 2.5gb graphics card and when I play BF3 the temps jump up to about 67c. When I play world of warcraft on ultra the temperature is around 52-58c.

I have 8 fans inside my case. My case is the Thermaltake Chaser MK-I. I have 4 x 200mm fans. I have 1 140mm fan. I have 2 120mm fans and I also have a small flexible fan blowing directly onto the graphics card.

I guess my question is the 67c while playing bf3 a safe temperature?

My rig is: ASRock Extreme 4 Gen 3 mobo. Thermaltake Chaser MK-I Full Size Tower. 8 Fans. 16gb of Ram. Windows Ultimate 64 bit. 2 TB Hard Drive. Intel i7 2700k (OC to 4.4ghz)

I just want to make sure that it is to ensure that my investment doesn't get ruined.

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  1. Very safe
  2. Except that the card cannot display during cold weather.
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